The VAR Guy

  1. Broadcom, KKR Said to Be Leading Bidders for Toshiba Unit

    Broadcom Ltd. and a group led by KKR & Co. are emerging as the two leading bidders for Toshiba Corp.’s semiconductor unit.

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  2. Security Central: WannaCry Ransomware, Microsoft Implores Government to Regulate IoT

    This week’s Security Central takes a look at the WannaCry ransomware, examines Microsoft’s IoT plea to the government, and peeks inside a revealing Code42 study about corporate bosses and data security.

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  3. Zero One: Cross-Training in Digital Transformation

    Wooing customers in the digital world is a lot like getting them to the gym, Cisco executives say.

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  4. Shopping for a New UC Solution? How to Decide Between the Big Three

    The unified communications (UC) market is expected to be worth $143.5 billion by 2024, and tech behemoths like Microsoft, Cisco and Google are looking to cash in.

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  5. What Do Open Source and DevOps Have in Common? A Lot, Actually

    DevOps and open source are both key trends in the software world today. But they are rarely discussed in tandem. Perhaps that should change, because DevOps and open source have much more in common than their proponents may realize.

    Defining DevOps and Open Source

    Before discussing how DevOps and open source are related, let's define these two terms.

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