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Our Client

VAR Staffing is the leading provider of talent acquisition and staff augmentation solutions dedicated to the IT channel community. When Consultants, VARs or MSPs need to expand — whether by adding to their full-time head count or on a project basis — VAR Staffing has access to the best talent in the market. To learn more, visit

Our Challenge

VAR Staffing is specialized in the IT channel market. Successful solution providers cite identifying and hiring technical talent as the top inhibitor to growth. VAR Staffing specializes in identifying and placing staff in these types of companies. First, they need to engage the hiring companies and, second, quickly identify quality candidates to exceed their requirements and contribute to their success and growth. These requirements can change at a moment’s notice.

Our Results

Working together with Channel Navigator (CN), VAR Staffing was able to identify companies based on criteria relative to the IT industry combined with contact details to map out its target market and enrich its CRM with business profile and contact details. The data also augments other marketing activities as needs change throughout the year. VAR Staffing has the added benefit of using the CN tool to identify candidates for placement at client companies with details on specialization, location and certifications.
“Using CN, we augment the information we can get from other sources, such as LinkedIn. Say we need a VMware engineer in Houston. We can, within minutes, use CN to identify the companies in that space and the candidates relevant to our search.

“When we first met Clark at a CompTIA conference, we thought, ‘The decision to use CN is a no brainer. Why hasn’t anyone done this before?’ Channel Navigator is the perfect solution for the business we are in.”

Todd Billiar, Director of Channel Development, VAR Staffing

About Channel Navigator

Channel Navigator is a dynamic business tool for information technology vendors to identify and target channel partners based on detailed profiles. We’ve created an extensive and versatile database comprised of account profiles and contacts for companies specifically engaged in reselling or providing services around information technology in North America, as well as the partners they represent. To learn more, visit


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